The Who What Where and Why

  • Cameltrain Productions is a one-man business started in the mid-eighties by Maurice (Moe) Hogue, from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I’m not sure why I got into this. I wasn’t pushed or conscripted. Perhaps I thought the time was right to take a fairly broad skill set and lots of years of music business experience and do something with it. And I was probably broke at the time.

  • I have plenty of scrapes and bruises amid the history, working a number of facets in this business.
    I have been on both sides of the microphone, carried microphones, hooked them up and put them away. I have been a festival manager, promoter, writer, recording session co-ordinator,band and jingles singer, impressario (lost a few shirts along the way), driver, stage hand, tour organizer and manager, agent and MC and dumped a few groupies along the way.

  • The main things I do now are:
         -Grant writing (I have done so many of these, keyboards hate me.)
         -Organize and manage tours (I don’t go on the road, though. I love my bed.)
         -Do promo and PR writing (my long-deceased English teachers would be proud.)
         -Music biz consulting (code word for going out for lunch and coffee a lot)
         -Income tax prep.(highly skilled, and never arrested...yet...) 

  • My area of interest is JAZZ, (not mainstream tinkle tinkle or big bands either) and a bit of world music. I have a very wide knowledge of jazz, gleaned after decades, and reinforced by my radio show, One Man’s Jazz, which I’ve been doing for over 15 years.

  • I’m not interested in folk, rock, country, classical, or any of those other genres that actually make money. And I won’t work with musicians whose music I don’t like.

  • I prefer to work on tours of jazz festivals in Canada (so I don’t have to learn any new names)

  • I do not want to be a booking agent, except in the context of various projects that I have going.
    (See the new projects section.)

  • I do love to work with people who are prepared to contribute to their own projects.

    Am I a cranky old bugger? I can be. I’m older than dirt, but I have yet to fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.