Bassist Stanley Clarke once uttered these words in 2007: “One man's jazz is another man's something else.” Too late, Stanley, I was already living that life. I began producing One Man’s Jazz in 1999 for CKUW 95.9 FM in Winnipeg, and stayed there until the end of 2011 when I found the need for a change of scene. That turned out to be a very familiar place – my basement.

I picked up the necessary gear and with some trepidation started producing and recording the show for (One can get spoiled broadcasting out of a radio studio.) I went digital and global. Taint Radio continues on today, independent, commercial free and listener-supported

On One Man’s Jazz you won’t hear much mainstream or historical jazz. I believe very strongly in moving the music forward. I also believe in providing a place to hear new artists and artists from other countries who play edgier, non-mainstream, creative improvisation, so you will hear artists like Satoko Fujii from Japan, Black Motor from Finland, Emile Parisien from France, and Sandy Evans from Australia as much as you’ll hear North American artists like David Binney, Jeff Albert, Henry Threadgill and David Virelles.

There are occasional interviews, mini-specials on various artists, and full three-hour specials like Black History month, jazz and poetry, music from a particular country, and so on.

If you want to hear something different, check out One Man’s Jazz.